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                                                             Guiding Pillars


Truth, Social Justice and Reconciliation

We recognize that the first step to creating a peaceful world is to create a shared vision that is based on the elevation and celebration of truth, transparency, and social responsibility.. By fully disclosing social truths about relationships between and among diverse individuals and social groups, as well as the status of our relationships to other species and the planet itself, it becomes possible for social responsibility to be fully understood, honored, and

acted upon. 


We seek to facilitate knowledge and healing between and among diverse human communities  of the world with the long-term goal of fostering unity, healing, and reconciliation. We seek to create positive social change and equip people with the capacities to be understanding, loving and compassionate leaders within their communities.

Personal Peace

Peace is first realized in our own hearts and then has the capacity to radiate out to all who are connected to us. Our programs seek to identify and create tools for helping people to learn the methods for living peaceful and purposeful lives. Personal peace is about truth, self-care, and honoring the highest calling of our inner selves.

Earth Care

The welfare of all humans is intimately connected to, and influenced by, the health and wellbeing of the earth and all of her inhabitants. We recognize that in order for lasting peace to be realized, we must all actively seek to be responsible stewards of the earth, and to promote knowledge and practices that will help our planet to be healthy for at least seven generations into the future. 


The act of practicing peace is ultimately about the healing of self, family, neighborhood, town, city, state, country, world. We seek to acknowledge the divisions that actively separate and divide rather than unite people by celebrating our diversity while honoring our shared humanity.

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