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Personal Peace

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Land Acknowledgment

The Great Lakes Peace Center acknowledges the sacred land where we work, live, teach, learn, and build community.  This land is the territory of the Anishinaabe people, who have stewarded this land for hundreds of generations.

We recognize the repeated violations of sovereignty, territory, and water perpetrated by European and other settlers that have impacted the original inhabitants of this land. We extend our respect to citizens of these First Nations People who live here and their ancestors who have lived here for over five hundred generations, and to all Indigenous people. We also know that this acknowledgement is insufficient. It does not undo the harm that has been done and continues to be perpetrated now against Indigenous people, their land, air and water. 


As we know better we are called to do better. We ask that everyone learn the true history of our country, elevate Native voices, change our stereotypes and the wrongful narratives of our nations’ First People.

Our Mission

About Us

Our Vision

Building Peace, Celebrating Diversity


The Great Lakes Peace Center is a grassroots organization located in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan focused on the work of peace building.  We champion a collaborative approach to peace and peace building with other individuals and organizations who share our vision for loving and respectful communities.  This is accomplished by bringing people together through the use of recreational activities, cultural experiences, opportunities for personal development and healing experiences for physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

Our efforts will also focus on shifting human understanding toward empathy, compassion and connection, and providing opportunities to dialogue toward common ground and peaceful solutions to conflict.


Our vision is to offer a variety of services that will shift human understanding toward empathy, compassion and connection in order to facilitate personal growth. We believe this will create a ripple effect resulting in greater peace and well-being for individuals, families, communities and our world.


Bradley Nedeau is a member of the Sault Ste Marie band of Chippewa Indians.  He is passionate about his culture and sharing the traditions of his ancestors. He has been involved in non profit organizations that provided opportunities for participation in Native American gatherings and ceremonies and is well connected to Native American cultural resources in the Upper Peninsula.


Deb Nedeau has worked in a variety of positions in the area of education and social work. She has worked for 30 years as a presenter, educator and workshop facilitator. Responsibilities included grant writing, implementing collaborative projects, project reporting and evaluation.

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Mollie Larsen brings years of strong organizational and management experience having worked as executive director in several non profits and adjunct faculty at the local community college.


Erica Vandermeer has experience with donation acquisition, event planning and coordination, grant writing and social media platforms in both the business and non profit arenas. She brings a passion for positive social change.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.  Indeed it is the only thing that ever has.

--Margaret Mead

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